Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Workshop zur Traumarbeit

Dreaming Awake and Asleep

We joyfully invite you to share a weekend dedicated to the learning and experiencing of the practical aspects of dreaming - during our waking and sleeping hours.

The information presented at this workshop comes from the practice of the 'art of dreaming' as discovered by shamans of ancient Mexico and now updated for our modern time.

Those shamans experienced and believed that the world of everyday waking life and sleeping life acted as a two-way bridge. They worked to enhance their dreaming attention at night which increased their presence and focus during their day and, conversely, they rearranged their energy expenditures during their day so as to better act consciously in their dreams at night.

Together - consciously living, breathing, 'dreaming' their day and night - brought them to enjoy optimum well-being, creativity and aptitude in both states, allowing them ultimately to exist in a stream of consciousness called the sea of awareness simultaneously and parallel with the stream of everyday life.

In this workshop you will learn strategies and techniques to 'dream' more consciously awake and asleep. Examples of such techniques are:

* Movements opening up specific channels of energy within us allowing us then to find and locate our own 'dreamer' within‚ as well as the 'dreamer' within others;

* Self-inquiry exercises establishing how to rechannel our energy so as to remain alert, 'centered' and in a higher vibratory state both awake and asleep;

* Techniques on how we each can intentionally prepare for night dreaming;

* Specific and ongoing practical dreaming exercises, in both sleeping and waking awareness, allowing us to feel the connection between our waking and our sleeping states.

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